Need a DD-214?



No need to wait weeks for your Veterans DD 214. The Office of the Missouri Adjutant Generals Office has Veterans Records/Archives for most DD-214’s on file and will FAX to you.

  1. Call Liz at 573-638 9683 to get a form 180 faxed to you. (No need-if you have a 180 on hand.) Or you can download / print from VFW Forms. (
  2. Have the Veteran supply what information they can on Form 180 and have Veteran “Sign” on right bottom of form to give permission to release information. Put your FAX number on the left at the bottom or indicate where you want it mailed.
  3. Fax the Form 180 to 573-638 9546 and Liz will FAX you the Veterans DD-214.
  4. You are done.

Doc Anderson will be at Post 3944 for a book signing.

VFW Post 3944 will host a book signing with William “Doc” Anderson on Friday, August 5, 2016.  They are not sure of the start time, but he will be there until 1:00 pm.  Doc wrote the book, Battlefield Doc, the memoirs of a Korean War Combat Medic.  Come join him at Post 3944 and hear about his story.  This is also when they have their fish fry, so bring your family and enjoy the company and great food.


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