We are still having a Buddy Poppy Display Contest!!!!!!

“Buddy” ® Poppy / VFW National Home

Department of Missouri

2019-2020 Memo

So, our convention has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic! But our Buddy Poppy Department contest is still going on! We are having the contest Via email or snail mail So; you will send 4-5 pictures of your display and the proper information to myself or Adam by May 29th, 2020.

The rules for the contest are below. Good luck and I cannot wait to see you all again!

Adam St. Pierre   VFW Poppy Chairman
13310 Cancuk Ln
Dixion, MO 65459

Amy Jo Lett VFW Aux Buddy Poppy/National Home Chairman
617 W Mason St
Odessa, MO 64076



These guidelines have been designed to place emphasis on the purpose and effectiveness of the displays. It is suggested and recommended that Department (State) contests rule be established in a like form. (Please be advised, as there are no longer Jr. Girls Units or Sons of the VFW, Category 4 has been removed.)


  • Displays will be presented and judged in three categories:


Public Promotion of Poppy Campaign (Window, booth, parade, poster displays, campaign promotions, etc.)

  • Displays must be designed for public exposure and must bear a message soliciting a donation for and wearing of the VFW “Buddy”® Poppy.

(b) At least one (1) of the Poppies used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached.


Memorial or Inspirational Displays (Wreaths, memorial tablets or plaques, patriotic or devotional themes)

  • Displays must be designed to honor the dead, to inspire devotion to God and Country, or to dramatize the activities supported by the “Buddy”® Poppy.

(b) At least one (1) of the Poppies used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached.


Artistic or Decorative Use of Poppies (Post Home displays, table centerpieces, corsages, pictures, plaques, models, scenes, hats, novelty pieces, etc.)

  • Any display not meeting the qualifications for Categories 1 or 2 shall automatically be entered in Category 3.
  • At least one (1) of the Poppies used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached.

Executive Order No 2

March 26, 2020
Pursuant to the authority under Section 810E, the first bullet, effective immediately, we ask that Auxiliaries, Districts, County Councils, and Departments, if possible and within the requirements of mandated Department Special Orders, make the attempt to elect officers. In the event that an Auxiliary, District, County Council, or Department chooses to hold a virtual meeting, a quorum is required. However, the requirement for the quorum to be onsite is waived. The virtual meeting may be held via phone-tele-conference or video conference or any combination thereof.
Executive Order No. 2 shall remain in effect until the COVID-19 virus restrictions are lifted for your area.
By order of Peggy Haake, National President Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary
Attest: Ann Panteleakos, National Secretary-Treasurer Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary

Date Changes to Department!

Due to the Corona Virus, National has extended the time to get in our Patriotic Art winner and Illustrating America winner.  Since we have more time, the Department Chairmen are extending their times. Here are the new dates:
Student entries to Department – May 6 2020
Auxiliaries to Department – May 20. 2020

Below is a letter from the Chairmen on this and the extended dates for the Past National President’s Scholarship will also be changed to the above dates.
Be safe out there and hope to see all of you in June.
Past National Presidents Scholarship new date
New Deadlines Updated

A Message From The VFW Auxiliary Department President

 To:  Missouri VFW Auxiliary Officers and Members

Subject:  COVID -19

The Missouri VFW Commander Troy Williams posted on Facebook the following information about the Post and Auxiliary Members.

  • He asked that all Posts and Auxiliaries in Missouri cancel all activities through March 31st. This includes meetings, Bingo, Dinners, Canteens, etc.
    • They will reassess this when it gets closer to the March 31st
  • Follow the guidelines set out by the Federal, State and CDC on the COVID -19.
  • No unnecessary traveling.
  • Reach out to our Veterans and elderly members to make sure they have what they need during this time. Volunteer to get groceries for them so they do not have to get out.  Give them your phone number so when they need help, they can call.
  • The Service Offices are closed. They are not seeing Veterans currently.  But if someone has an issue, they can call the phone numbers below:
    • Louis – 314-253-4470
    • Jefferson City – 573-636-8761

We do not take this lightly.  Things keep changing daily and with that, we will adjust.  As changes are made, we will update you.   But for right now, keep the hands washed and do the social distancing. Stay at home if possible and only get out when necessary.  We each want to keep our family, our friends and our members healthy and safe.

Rowena Grigsby

Missouri VFW Auxiliary President


Good Morning One and All.

As of midnight last night, The Department of Missouri was at 99.38%!!  We are only 84 members shy of 100%+!!

As most of you know, our deadline to reach 100% and receive $500.00  from National is January 31st.  That is Friday.  I would love nothing more than to announce at our Mid-Winter Council meetings on Saturday, that we reached that goal.  Another reason is so that Commander Troy Williams  of the VFW will receive a “Pie in the Face”!  

     I would like to challenge everyone to reach this goal by having not 1, but 8 special drawings for gift cards at the meeting this weekend.  If you “Adopt-A-Member” or “Pay-It-Forward” and pay another members dues that is still unpaid starting today and ending Friday, I will enter your name into the drawings.  The dues MUST be paid between today, Jan. 27th and Friday, Jan. 31st.  You MUST fill out the Adopt-A-Member sheet that can be found in our Program Book.  It must be dated and signed by your Auxiliary Treasurer and emailed to me or you may hand deliver the form and dues to me at the Membership booth we will have Friday at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City.  The booth will be open from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Friday.

I just want to let you know that each one of you have done an AMAZING job working membership and I can’t thank you enough!  I know we can reach our goal this weekend if we work together!

Again, Thank You and I look forward to seeing all of you in Jefferson City.


Love and Respect,