National Program Materials

If you are not able to attend the National Convention and would like to have a copy of the National Program book, you can now download it here on our site.  This book contains all the National Programs and information to help you have a great year.  2018-2019-Program-Book-June-2018-LR

Another great tool that was created this year is the Building on the Auxiliary Foundation – Guide book for Officers, Chairmen and Members.  Every wonder what your job as a chairman or officer is?  This book will give you all that information from Auxiliary member to Department Officer.  All the Auxiliary Programs are explained so you will know what each one is all about.  To download this book, go here: BUILDING-ON-THE-FOUNDATION-1.5


MALTA information!

All transactions in MALTA for the 2017-2018 Program Year MUST be completed by June 30, 2018, Midnight Central Time.

After Midnight, Member Login will not be accessible until July 9, 2018. This will allow National Headquarters to reconcile year-end figures and prepare for the next dues and program year.

Don’t leave any member behind!

June 30 is fast approaching.  Please call your unpaid members again and make sure they understand that if their dues are not paid by June 30 they will no longer be a member in good standing, no cancer insurance and will have to apply for membership like a new member.  All previous years of membership are lost.  Please do this as I saw a member who said she paid her dues and cannot find her canceled check and asked what she needs to do.  This tells me members are interested just need another push.

Celia Davis, Department Membership Chairman