Department Label & Calendar Program

Do you receive any of the calendars, address labels or greeting cards from National?  This is our program to help us make money for our yearly budget.  For those of you that receive these items, but would like to change it so you only get certain things, now you can.  If you do not receive any of these items and would like to, you can now send in a form to get them.  The following is a Mailing Preference Request Form so you can decide what you want to receive and how much you can help the Department with our budget.

Mail Preference Form National (1)

If you would like to make a donation, but don’t want all the mailings, then here is a form you can use.

Partners In Patriotism Monthly Donation Form (1)

Always remember this program brings in around $10,627 to our budget each year.  If we do not support the program, that money will go away and we will have to find another way to support our programs.


The year is fast coming to a close and all Department Shirt orders must be in by February 3, 2019! So, if you want a Department Shirt make sure you contact the Department Ways and Means Chairman Amy Jo Lett.

If you have Department pins out, please send money or pins to Amy Jo Lett by March 1, 2019.  All pins must be accounted for and she needs to know if you have sold the pins or returning some.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased or helped with the Ways and Means Program this year.  This money helps keep our Department running.

Are all of your Annual Members paid up?

December 31, 2018 is coming soon and we still have a lot of annual members that have not paid their dues.  Remember if dues are not paid by December 31, 2018, a member is no longer a member in good standing.  They are no longer able to come to meetings or file for a cancer grant.  Let’s get out there and collect those annual members.