Is your Auxiliary 100% yet!

Auxiliaries remember the deadline to be 100% is December 22, 2017 in order to receive a special gift and citation during the mid-winter conference.  Your Auxiliary will also be placed in a drawing for $100 and the Auxiliary Treasurer will receive $30.

Last year 72 auxiliaries met the goal of 100% membership.  To date we have 20.  Let’s get those reminders out and phone calls made.  Remind the members that if their dues are not paid by December 31, 2017 they are no longer a member in good standing.  Dues must be paid by June 30 to remain a continuous member.

Prior year’s dues may not be paid after July 1.

Any member who has not maintained continuous membership shall submit an application and be accepted in the same manner as a new member.  No admission fee shall be required.

I know all Auxiliaries will be 100% by December 22 because I believe in magic.


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