Having problems with dues cards? Read the following from National Headquarters.

VFW Auxiliary Headquarters just sent out the following concerning dues cards.

Membership Cards: 

We do understand and hear all of your concerns and frustrations. Many things could not be foreseen, and those we could foresee were further frustrated by early system issues with MALTA.

We would like to take this opportunity to address some of your concerns and questions:

1. “It’s taking too long to get cards.” 

We agree! Part of this is because we got behind early on in the membership year. We are also mailing them as bulk mail, which is not as fast as first class mail. It can legally be held for a certain number of days, and this delays the member receiving it.

We are working with the printer to make sure we are being as efficient as possible with this process. We will also be looking to see if we have the best solution possible. 

2. “We pay for members and want cards to come to the Treasurer.”

We understand this has been a past practice. Currently, there is ONLY an option to have a Life Membership sent to a different address than the member. We strongly urge you to use good business sense when paying dues.

3. “We can’t tell when or if a member is getting a card.”

We at Headquarters have a way of looking into a member’s card history. Please feel free to contact Headquarters. We can look up members, confirm dues received and the correct address. Then we can see if their name and address was sent to the printer.

4. “It’s almost 2018 and some paid members do not have cards.”

A member should not be refused entrance if they have not yet received their card. A digital version is always available through MALTA. We are happy to email a version of the card to a member or a Treasurer. Auxiliary Officers can also view and print cards, if absolutely necessary. A receipt for payment should also be considered proof of membership.

5. “Members are threatening to never pay dues again if it will always take this long to get their cards.”

We understand. However, we urge Auxiliary Officers and members to remember that we each belong to the VFW Auxiliary due to our families’ sacrifice to serve our country. Everything we do is in honor and memory of our veterans.

Your comments and issues are important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience in the last six months. We ask that you continue to support your Auxiliary through this transition to a new systems. Our New Year’s Resolution and goal is to reduce these frustrations for us all. We hope the 2018 New Year brings you and your VFW family much happiness in serving our Uncommon Heroes. 

Thank you

VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters


2 thoughts on “Having problems with dues cards? Read the following from National Headquarters.

  1. I am a Junior Vice President of my Auxiliary Post. I was wondering how long it would be for me to get my Auxiliary members card?

    • We have no way of answering this. Dues cards come from an outside source that National VFW Auxiliary has hired. We have been informed they are addressing this with the company.

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