Have you sent out your dues notices, if not please do so immediately.  You can receive two membership awards from National for your recruiting efforts.  Recruit 5 new or rejoined auxiliary members before April 30, 2018.  VFW members can also receive the “Catch Five” pin.  Only 1 pin will be awarded for 5 or more new or rejoined members.

Recruit 20 new auxiliary members and you will receive the National Membership Achievement Award.  Your Treasurer should have forms or you can get them on National’s website under Program & Publicity Resources page under Membership & Leadership.  Mail or email directly to National Headquarters.

We need 270 new or rejoined members by October 31, 2017.  Please do not hold any dues.  Process them as soon as you receive them.

Attend a Recruiter Trainer session.  There are always good tips given to help recruit new members and rejoin members.

Celia Davis, Chairman, Membership & Leadership Department of Missouri

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