Department President’s Special Project has changed!

Due to some issues of working with the individuals that are doing the Vets for Pets, Department President Nelda has changed her special project to a Veterans Community Project that is happening in her community.  Below is all the information about this project.  If you have raffle tickets with the Pets for Vets, you can still turn that money in and those tickets will go into the same drawing for the beautiful quilt.

Our Mission

We are determined to make a difference in the lives of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished only by community for community.

We are building Veterans Village – a specialized community network of tiny homes and services dedicated to supporting every man and woman who took the oath for our country.

We believe one homeless Veteran is one too many. Please help us on our mission to end veteran homelessness by donating or volunteering.

Veterans Village

Through contributions and partnerships, we are creating Veterans Village; a specialized community of tiny-homes and onsite services that will provide housing stability and treat the underlying cause of the Veteran’s homelessness. The combination of housing stability and onsite services will lead to more successful permanent housing outcomes. Once ready, the Veteran will transition to other, existing programs. Veteran’s Village will provide the Veteran with a sense of community support as they transition back into society.

At the heart of Veterans Community Project is a belief in community. Through the power of community, VCP will provide Veterans the tools necessary to achieve a stable and prosperous civilian life. Housing and services are provided at no cost to the Veteran, therefore the success of Veterans Community project is contingent on the generosity of the community.


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