Department of Missouri VFW Auxiliary to be placed in the Circle of Excellence

CONGRATULATIONS to 2016/17 Department President Hazel Linneberger and the members of the Department of Missouri VFW Auxiliary on having an outstanding year.  The highest award National VFW Auxiliary gives is the Circle of Excellence.  To join this group, our Department had numerous task that we needed to complete to win this honor and MISSOURI WON THIS!  Come to National Convention as we accept this outstanding award.  Thank you, to all the Missouri members for making this come true.

Department Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen winners

This year’s Voice of Democracy winner was Brandon Lee sponsored by VFW Post and Auxiliary 5717 in the 3rd District. Presenting him the award is Dept. Commander Chris Johnston and Dept. President Hazel Linneberger.

This years Patriot Pen winner is Briana Frerking sponsored by VFW Post & Auxiliary 4288 in District 6. Presenting her award is Dept. Commander Chris Johnston and Dept. President Hazel Linneberger.

Congratulations goes out to all the District winner.


At our Department Winter Conference in February:
We will have our first two drawings for Auxiliaries that reach their 100% by December 20, 2016 and February 1, 2017. Every Auxiliary that is 100% will go into this drawing and we will draw out one Auxiliary for December 20 and one Auxiliary for February 1. The winning Auxiliaries will receive $100. Remember: Dues must be in our Dept. Treasurer Jeri’s hands by the above dates. So, if you are mailing, you must mail early so they are not late.

If the winning Auxiliaries are 100% plus (at least one member over
100%) We will double the money! You will receive $200 instead of $100!

If you win the first drawing, your Auxiliary goes back in for the next drawing, so you could come home with $400. So, the sooner you get your 100% plus the better chance you have at getting big money.


Due to a vote at the National  VFW Convention, the Men’s Auxiliaries across the nation will be closed on December 31, 2016.  These individuals have been working very hard to support our Veterans and can be a vital part of your Auxiliary.  Encourage them to fill out an application and join your Auxiliary.  They can join your Auxiliary and still remain a member of the Men’s Auxiliary until they close.  They care just as much about our Veterans as we do and need us to welcome them into our organization.  Congratulations to all the Auxiliaries that have already started signing up these important members.

National President Colette Bishop makes her official visit to Missouri

The Department of Missouri VFW Auxiliary had a great time in Branson with our National President Colette.

National President Colette Bishop made her official visit August 23-25th in Branson, MO. While in the Branson area, she had a “meet and greet” the day she arrived. 

 The next day was a busy one and it started with our National President being greeted by the Aisle of Honor. President Hazel then had a short meeting. Department Chairman presented information on their programs. Department Membership Brenda Bryant had several drawings for the membership contest she is having. Auxiliary Presidents in attendance with 100 per cent or more was recognized. Department President Hazel  introduced the District Presidents that were at the meeting and gave them a chance to speak about what was happening in their districts. Gifts from several members to National President Colette.

 We were then off to College of the Ozarks for a luncheon. A student from the college spoke about admission to the college, its work program and the Patriotic Education Program. She told about her recent trip to Vietnam as a chaperone with one of the veterans and how she plans to use in the future when she teaches her history classes.

 We then walked across the street to the Veterans Grove where a group photo were taken. Then, National President Colette was taken on a driving tour of the campus before going back to rest before the dinner cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle.

 Department Commander Chris Johnston and his wife joined us for the event that evening. A wonderful meal along with a show was enjoyed by all. And one of our own, District 6 President Cathline Vest was pulled on stage to participate in a magic trick by Aaron Radatz. 

 To end the cruise, National President Colette took a photo with President Hazel and Commander Chris and members from District 18.

 National President Colette came to breakfast on Thursday morning where members thanked her for coming to our state and wished her safe travels. Department President Hazel took National President Colette to the Springfield/Branson National airport where she boarded a plane for the next stop on her journey.