How is your Auxiliary doing on collecting dues?  We have four months left and we still have 1022 continuous members that HAVE NOT PAID their dues.  We can’t leave these members behind, they are very important in our work to continue fighting for the rights of our Veterans.  Form a committee and start calling or visiting all those members that have not paid their dues.  WE CAN DO THIS!

Congratulations to the 34 Auxiliaries that are currently 100% or more.  GREAT JOB!

Congratulations to our top Districts: First place is District 17 at 98.86%; Second place is District 14 at 96.24%; and Third place is District 18 at 95.76%.

Membership is the backbone of this organization and we don’t want any member to drop out.  Find out why they have not paid their dues and work with these members.  We value all our members!

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