Are all of your Annual Members paid up?

December 31, 2018 is coming soon and we still have a lot of annual members that have not paid their dues.  Remember if dues are not paid by December 31, 2018, a member is no longer a member in good standing.  They are no longer able to come to meetings or file for a cancer grant.  Let’s get out there and collect those annual members.

Important notice for Student Veterans

WASHINGTON (October 9, 2018) — The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is urging tens of thousands of student veterans to immediately contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 888-GIBILL-1 (or 888-442-4551) if they are facing a financial hardship due to delayed VA housing payments.


The VA said that as many as 180,000 student veterans housing payments were delayed this month in part due to computer updates to reflect benefit changes through the Forever GI Bill. Until the problem is fixed, VA is requiring benefits processors to work overtime and weekends, while many student veterans may be forced to raid their individual savings accounts or borrow money from their families to hopefully avoid late fees, ruined credit ratings or eviction.

Membership Report


District Percentage
District 14 85.93 %
District 06 77.09 %
District 02 76.69 %
District 17 74.88 %
District 03 72.70 %
District 09 72.22 %
District 12 68.81 %
District 05 68.68 %
District 07 68.01 %
District 18 61.40 %
District 15 61.07 %
District 08 57.23 %
District 01 54.19 %
Total – MO 69.92 %

District Presidents, time is getting short to take advantage of the $300.00 award for getting the District to 100% before December 31, 2018. Remember it is NOT the first District to reach 100% it is EVERY District to reach 100. We can do it!!!! And Keep Flying High for our Veterans.

Judi Hutchison, Membership Chairman

Department of Missouri

Check out your Percentage

Check Malta to see which Auxiliaries need help with collecting dues.

Auxiliary members – help your District win this award by getting those annual dues in as soon as possible.

$300.00 to EVERY District  That is 100% by Dec. 31



Membership Awards

Auxiliaries that are 100% as of 8/26/18 are:

Auxiliary 3600 – District 2

Auxiliary 10906 – District 3

Auxiliary 5741 – District 8

Auxiliary 1667 – District 14


Auxiliaries that are 100% Plus as of 8/26/18 are:

Auxiliary 4756 District 2 is 102.08%

Auxiliary 8101 District 5 is 104.35%

Auxiliary 4052 District 6 is 117.65%